Friday, January 15, 2010

It's anal but it works

I have a large calendar (Amy Knapp) that has a space on it to plan dinner and lots of space to write all our activities. Every week, I look at what we have to do and plan dinner accordingly. I also plan what baking I have to do. For example, next week I have one day I am super busy so I am pulling something out of the freezer. I have one day that will either be a crock pot meal or eating out because we are super busy and have to be some place within an hour of karate ending. It's anal but it saves money (Adam shops on Sat or Sunday and only buys what we need for the week) and time and we eat better too.

In case you are dying to know:
Saturday: Ravioli bake (crock pot) and salad for lunc; leftovers for dinner
Sunday: chicken and veggie alfredo (homemade sauce and super easy)
Monday: one pot chicken and potato bake with some sort of fruit
Tuesday: Crock pot dijon pork with a veggie side OR CFA Kids Eat Free night
Wends: saucy cheeseburger buns (a cheesy version of sloppy joes) from the freezer and maybe a salad
Thursday: Pancakes/eggs with fruit or smoothies
Friday: Cheesy 2 meat meatloaves and salad

Can you tell I am terribly UNcreative when it comes to sides?!

I also plan out what day I am going to do laundry. I used to just wait and sort and wash everyone's on the same day. With five people, that kept the laundry constantly going and we always had baskets of dirty laundry waiting in our bathroom. Lately I've been assigning everyone a day (and it varies from week to week depending on needs) and doing their laundry that day. I am still doing two loads a week; either darks/whites from one person or a load per person plus towels/napkins or diapers. I don't always get it folded and put away that same day but you can wear clean and wrinkled (but not dirty!). So far, it's been easier on me and I feel like I accomplished something everyday vs still having MORE laundry to do the next day. Hey, it is SUPER anal but much easier!

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