Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does anything in this house work?

Broken: the handle on the washing machine
the dishwasher
the wheel on my single stroller.

Was broken:
my garage door

We had the dishwasher looked at. I am SLIGHTLY ANNOYED at the company. They came out to tell us what we already knew: it is leaking and everything but the motor is broken. Since it is about 15 years old and gets daily use (if not more!), they THINK our home warrenty company will replace it. I think it would be mightly stupid to repair a dishwasher that has been around since I was in junior high. Then again, I'm not sure about the brains of home warrenty companies!

The garage door was fixed, which is awesome. Hopefully, the infamous home warrenty company will pay us back for getting it fixed. He also said Adam's side should be looked at. Joy but I hope it breaks in the spring when the weather is perfectly nice and he doesn't have to drag kids out in 20 degree weather to get them in and out of the car!

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