Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Daze

We're on Day Two of no school here. School started back up on Tuesday and he went just fine. I got in two days of swimming, the kids started swim lessons and karate.

Then, yesterday, they canceled due to an "impending" snow storm that would start at around 2 pm.

My bad. Does school start at two? No, it does not!

Thankfully, BVRec was still open. Joseph did an excellant job of playing with some new friends while Camille had dance and I fussed that our "low expense" month was getting MORE expensive because she seriously outgrew her tap shoes!

After that, the weather was still fine so I went to get my eyebrows done and then we went to CFA for lunch. They have Berenstien Bears books in their kids meals! Once again, G ate his whole meal, minus some of the apple chunks. That kid eats more than his almost four year old sister!

Around 1215, it finally began snowing. It got heavier during swim lessons but nothing I couldn't drive in and I don't like driving in snow or ice. We came home, put G down for a nap and chilled for the rest of the afternoon.

IMPENDING storm? Or closing for COLD, like today? Okay, seriously, this is STUPID. I understand closing in the rural areas that might not get plowed, where it could be dangerous for the bus drivers and the kids have a long wait for the buses. But we live in the middle of the suburbs. Very few of the kids at Joseph's school ride the bus. Most drive and will not get frost bite walking from the drive into the school, even if they were naked as a jaybird and soaking wet! Adam keeps waxing on about the kids at the bus stop. Um, most kids have a communal stop in front of a house. If I were that person who lived in the house, I would let the kids wait inside for the bus. Plus, God invented these lovely things called gloves, scarves, hats and mittens. In conjunction with a jacket, they keep you fairly warm. (Adam said, "Well, some kids might not wear them." So you close school because so kids are too cool to bundle up? That, my friends, is called DARWIN.)

I vividly remember waiting for the bus in front of my house in a full body snow suit. It was pink with purple elephants knitted across the front. The only person I pitty was the teacher, who had to deal with a bunch of second graders and all their snow gear!

So, yeah, I think closing for an "impending" blizzard that would start at the end of the school day is stupid. I think, in our situation, closing for simple cold is stupid. I'm not mad about having the kids home- we're going to watch too much TV, bake bread, banana muffins and clean bathrooms.The Many Small Minions are learning the fine art of hand washing dishes because the dishwasher is broken. And MAYBE I will get Georgie's toddler bed set up. MAYBE.

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