Thursday, January 7, 2010

Preschool Daze

I can't believe it is already time to enroll Camille in preschool for the fall.

She has two options for next year: cont at SMA, our parish, or the public peer modleing program. (She would be a "typical" but there is nothing typical about Camille!) I enrolled her, easy peasy, in the public school option. We won't know until the spring if she has a spot, so I went ahead and filled out the forms and check for SMA because I want her in a preschool, period, and we like SMA alot.

The PS program is more convient for me. I would, hopefully, drop her off after lunch and pick her up when I went to get Joseph in the PM. (I want her in a PM class so we can do stuff in the mornings and then I can chill while the babies nap in the afternoon. It will be way more convient for her and me but we saw how well THAT worked this year!) It is a four day program, which I know she is ready for.

BUT I talked to one of the teachers at church and was NOT impressed. I didn't haress her or anything. We had met her husband and he saw us and said, "Oh, these people are considering PS for preschool next year, honey," and she talked to us. She told us a little about the program (sounds fine, nothing mind boggling but nothing alarming either). I asked her about the pre-K program, since Camille will be closer to five than four in the fall. I said, "Is that an option for a Jan birthday or is that for the kids who will have turned five and just miss the K cut off?"

"It's for the kids who just miss the K cut off or those little darlings whose mommy's can't bear to send them to kindergarten just yet," she said, rolling her eyes.

I made a joke and said, "Yes, and some kids who meet the cut off aren't ready for kindy just yet," and sighted Joseph who was not ready for 3 yo preschool but was ready for kindy.

Not impressed. Don't make wise cracks about the parents to another parent. Just don't.

SMA has been really good for her. I've seen her learn alot and she's experienced alot of spirtual growth and knowledge that impresses both of us. She likes going to the church for their tours (to learn about the articles of Mass, baptism, etc) and her teacher has been awesome. It is only a 3 day program (and she IS ready for four days) and more inconvient for me in terms of pick up. I'm not too worried about the religious ed, because she'll be in CCD again, etc. But a big part of me does not want to rock the boat and I want to keep her where she is happy and learning.

If it were up to ME, I think I would keep her in SMA. All this could be a moot point, since they might not have a spot in the public school for her. I'm sure either one will work out and I would transfer her if I thought there were any problems at either school.

I can't believe we have to start thinking about the spring and Aug when there is several feet of snow on the ground, school is closed for the cold and I am not anywhere close to having this kid!

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