Saturday, January 9, 2010

Overheard:Camille and Vulcans

Cami: Mommy, my blanket is dirty. You need to wash it.
Me: Honey, I don't think your blanket is dirty and it just came out of the wash.
Cami: No, it's dirty. Joe GOT A HAIR ON IT!

Camille: I don't like football. Football is BORING. Mommy, can we go to the mall instead? Please?

Oh, I love her. I so love her. I forsee many Sunday afternoons happily spent at the mall while all the men folk watch football. My mother in law watched the kids today and took Cami to the nail salon while she got her nails done. She treated Camille, even though she (MIL) normally paints her nails. Camille LOVED it. LOVED. She apparently sat still and waited for them to dry. She asked to go back and I said the salon is a sometimes activity but Grandma can paint her nails anytime. I then promied we would go back this summer before we go to a wedding.

Me: I'm pretty concvined Vulcans exsisted and came to Earth and intermarried with humans. Over time, the characteristics of Vulcans disappeared and became the race we know as ENGINEERS!

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