Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We jumped into the new year with two feet and started running. Joseph is in swim lessons, karate and CCD. Camille has swim lessons and dance and CCD during our Mass time. We have something every day of the week but Friday!

The kids swim lessons overlap (niiiiiice) and only have 1-2 other kids in each class. Hopefully, they will do well. Joseph has lessons in the fall and made great progress. Camille was swimming well in the summer and seemed to like her teacher. Joseph had his class first so she had a hard time waiting the 20 minutes until her class but made it. It was easier when I pointed out that J would have to wait for HER to finish!

Joe had his first karate lesson today. I thought the teacher talked too much and over their heads but alot of the kids were repete customers so he must have some redeeming qualities, not just the cost! Hopefully, they will do more physical activity on Thursday.

I'm feeling bad for Georgie. There's alot of "hurry up, get in the car and wait" for his siblings activities. I would love to do something with just him but there's no time. I need to remember more toys for him to play with while we wait on dance classes or swimming. I met the aquatics director at BV rec and asked if they would have their mommy and me water arobics class in the evening. It would be the perfect thing to do with Georgie- and a workout for me!- but not at 8:30 am. She said they would consider it for the fall.

Speaking of me, I dumped the kids in child care on Monday and went swimming. I got up super early this morning and went swimming with the "beginning" Master's program. I put myself in the slow lane and only could stay 45 minutes (had to get out in time to get home to get kids to school) but did very well. I am 75 minutes into my goal of 200 for the month.

The coach asked my goals for swimming and I really want to keep the weight gain to a min and fight of the Italian turkey wobble that started on my arms. Those are reasonable goals... I just need to keep the gummibears and oatmeal cookies to a min! I was afraid I would be super tired but I did okay. It helped that Joseph went to a friend's house and I napped for 1.5 hours this afternoon! Lol.

It seems the kids are happier when they are busy. They all went to bed easily tonight and watched less TV and engaged in more hands on play, like play doh. We'll see how long Mommy can keep it up, but so far it's been nice.

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