Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Birthday, blog, and school

1. Okay, yeah, so I couldn't come up with another "b" word. Anyway, I had my birthday on Saturday. I found a great deal on tickets for the local LEGO discovery zone and we took the kids. We had a great time! All of them did really well and there was only one meltdown, at the end. They took me to a diner for lunch and I had fantastic pie. Summer is here, complete with three-digit degree days so there was no way I was baking myself a cake; besides, you can't go to a real short-order diner without getting pie, can you?

2. That same night we had a neighborhood party at our local pool AND the new season of Doctor Who began. Yes, yes I did get the Doctor for my birthday. Envious? :) I really liked the show especially because Lady Vestra, Strax and Jenny are in it.

3. You know what would be cool? A Doctor Who and Call the Midwife! cross-over with Lady Vestra and Jenny hanging out with Sister Monica Joan and Strax helping the nurses catch babies. "I will now dissolve the mother in acid! Er, I will NOT dissolve the mother in acid!" It's brilliant, no? I should totally work for BBC. ;)

4. On Monday I told our doctor that Joseph and George were handling the transition back to school the best. Of course, the kids then made liars out of me and George had a two day long meltdown. Cole is still a grumpy butt but Camille is getting much better.

5. Cole is partially grumpy because he and I have allergies or a cold. I'm not sure which so I am doping myself with allergy meds. He actually missed school Tuesday because he was so grumpy and tired. I wasn't sure if it was allergies, so he hung out with George and me in the afternoon.

6. I know I need to update more but I do most of my writing while the kids are in activities or in speech. The speech office is the black hole of WiFi and I can't get internet access. I work on other writing projects but it stinks to not blog when I have time to do so!

7. Speaking of blogging, I have a new blog devoted to writing. Check it out!

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