Thursday, July 10, 2014

Those days

I write about my family and my feelings. I don't write about other people on this blog, generally, for privacy reasons and because this blog is about us. Therefore, when I write this, I am speaking of only my emotions and how I deal with things, not other family members.

I wish I had some magic words to tell you how to survive the first "angel-versary" of a loved one. I wish I could write and article that says if you do this, this and this, your day will be perfect, you will be fine and not collapse into a sobbing heap.

I got nuttin'.

I did survive, as you can see. I think the days leading up to yesterday were worse, though. It was like the anticipation was worse than the real day. I was super tired- not physically, I couldn't nap- but emotionally. My writing muse took off for Parts Unknown and forgot to take me too. I kept myself busy with a little sewing and a little reading and alot of pool time with the kids.

Friends sent me texts and messages and kept me occupied at the pool. I think being out, in the sun, with people I love really helped. I had a slice of lemon tart for lunch (does Trader Joe's make anything bad? I think not!) and took the kids to Sonic Happy Hour.I cut some roses from the garden and put them on the mantel. It was a normal day, but not. Kinda like the last year has been.

Normal, but not. I suppose that describes everything, huh?

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