Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This Boy is on Fire

Take a moment to find your favorite version of "This Girl is on Fire." Go on.



Now play it while you are reading this blog post. Okay? Good.

We have a boy on fire in this house. On FIRE, baby. If I had mad photoshop skillz, I would take a picture of George, and put some flames behind it. Because he is ON FIRE.

Awhile ago I had some gross motor skill concerns. Basically, he runs funny. I talked to our SLP and she said it's not uncommon for kids with Apraxia to have fine and gross motor skill issues. Great. She also said that t-ball and music class would help with both. Friends mentioned that swimming might help too. AWESOME! Both boys are in t-ball, taking a music class this June and we spend lots of time swimming.

Saturday both boys had their first game. I don't care what award winning movie you saw Saturday; 4 and 5 year olds playing t-ball is way more entertaining! Cole went to bat first and was so enthusiastic. He hit the ball off the t and then wanted to run all the bases.

Honestly, my expectations for George were low- have fun, run in the right direction, listen and follow directions. But my kid! He hit the ball on the second pitch! We started screaming and cheering and he stood there like, "Um, I hit the ball. Whoa." He finally ran and we turned purple cheering for him. It was, according to all the coaches, the best hit of the entire game!

A few days later, what does my kid do? Swim a few feet without a noodle or life jacket! This is the boy who wouldn't go near the water until last summer and then it was only with 2 noodles, goggles and a life jacket. Even this summer, he wants his life jacket to paddle around with the older kids. (We have a very small pool.) For him to swim a few feet without any of those is HUGE. It shows how well he is learning, growing and mastering his anxiety. Way to go, kiddo!

We'd better watch out this summer- this kid on on FIRE with his growth and maturity and he's going to blow us all away!

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