Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Boom and Book and baby horsies

1. Want to know how to blow your four year old's mind? Make sure he is obsessed with Monster Trucks and then take him to see a REAL "car boom" and its driver. A new tire store is opening near us and for their grand opening, they have bounce houses and a real monster truck that will crush cars. Between the Strom Troopers and this, I think we have made Cole's month.

2. The end of the school year is approaching which means Adam and I are slacking off as parents. In the middle of all the concerts and tournaments, we keep forgetting to check homework folders. Sigh.

3. Remember the rustic cross cake? Yeah, I failed on Joe's birthday cake too! I can make a decent cake- like the blocks for Cole's first birthday or all those cake molds over the years. All Joe wanted was a simple round cake with M and M's in the middle, so when you cut into it, the M and Ms would spill out. First, the cake didn't want to come out of the pan. Then it didn't want to be frosted and completely collapsed. I joked that, given our penchant for Percy Jackson stories, I should just say that it is a Camp Half-Blood cake and Tyson the Cyclopes sat on it.

4. Thankfully, a friend came to the rescue and made an awesome cake with a Jayhawk on it. It looks perfect and Joe loves it. The sat-on cake went with Adam to work.

5. I have spent way too much time this week staring at a horse's butt. A friend posted a link to Stormy Watch and I have been checking the webcam for updates. Before I was born, my parents bred a friends' horse, and we all rode at one point in our lives, so I know a little about horses. My mom is now hooked too and we've been chatting about Stormy and her impending baby.

6. Tonight I should have three extra ten year old boys in my house. This is why I am doing laundry but not mopping.

7. Speaking of books, Joseph, Camille and I have vowed to read ten books each this summer. I am keeping track of my 2014 reads on Goodreads but we'll have an ongoing list on the wall for our summer reading. I'm almost done with the Heroes of Olympus seris and Joe needs to start it. After that, I have a stack on my nightstand but Joe needs a seris to read. Any bets that I can get him hooked to Harry Potter???

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