Monday, May 19, 2014

Have them close together, they said...

... it will be hard on you but so good for them, they said!


Okay, no, that's NOT why we had our children close together. That was our choice, and God's. But (thankfully!) alot of people told us how awesome it was to have kids close together and how it might be hard on us but good for the kids.

They were totally right. We love having the kids close in age. There are so many benefits to it. But one drawback? As soon as one is out of a stage, the other one is in it!

Last year, George was going through an "I hate you" phase. It was (not) lovely. Shortly after that, he went through the "I love you" phase, which produced the, "I love you Mommy. Cami, don't you just love , Mommy?" gem.

Now Cole is going through the four year old "emo/goth" phase. He's whining, complaining and generally hates life. Everything is stupid, he hates it, he doesn't like it or NO. I joke that one day, he's going to come down the stairs wearing black eye liner, combat boots and reciting dark, bad poetry. I remember Joe going through this phase, and George last year, so it's not new... just annoying.

Joe's hormonal tween phase is in a lull, and Cami is phasing in. Adam is considering a transfer to Asia until she's 18, married or in a convent.

I jest. He is too... I think.

Well, parenting is an adventure... and defiantly not for the faint of heart or decaffeinated.

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