Monday, April 28, 2014

Overheard: Darth Vader and Jesus

It's very, very rare that I allow the kids to take a toy (beyond a lovey or a book about Jesus) to Mass. When they were little, they hung out in my lap, nursed or went to the nursery. Once they were about two, toys became more of a problem than they were worth. Aside from the fact that we have great sound in our parish AND marble floors... the fighting. Oh, the fighting.

I made an exception this Easter, though, since we were arriving early and there would be more waiting. Cole grabbed a Stormtrooper my mom bought him and said something about the storm trooper coming to church.

"Well, if anyone needs a Savior, it's the storm troopers!" Adam joked.

"Maybe we should get the Daleks and Darth Vader," I said. "Darth Vader REALLY needs a Savior."

Camille looked at me and said, "Mom, Darth Vader died for his son. I think he gets the point."

Um, yeah, and so do you, my dear.


From Facebook: If I enrolled my kids in golf lessons this summer, will I loose my hippie license and officially be a yuppie mom? 


Me: George, today is St. George's Day! It's a special day when we celebrate St. George!

George: ME?!

Me: Well, sort of. St. George was a pretty cool guy who road into a town on a horse, saved a princess and killed a dragon.

George: Mommy, when I growned up, I will kill a dragon but I be too big to live with you!


From Facebook, again:
Me: I can' believe my kid wants to be up at 7 am on a Saturday to be at Mathletics.

Adam: No, MY kid wants to do math on a Saturday. YOUR kid would run away screaming!

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