Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hold Me

I had a doctor's appointment on Cole's birthday and I told him that if he was well behaved, I would get him a "blue water" (blue coconut slush) from Sonic. He was and so I did. Since I can't get just one kid something, I got everyone ma drink.

I couldn't remember Camille's favorite flavor so I got her a lemonade. Apparently, she does NOT like lemonade and wanted an orange drink. I apologized and offered to get her a different flavor when I was out at Sonic again. She was plenty mad and wanted me to get her a new one RIGHT THEN. I refused.

She stomped off to her room and then stomped back downstairs. She complained the birds were singing too loudly and too happily. I offered her a taste of Cole's birthday cake, since I had carved off part of the top to make hills. She accepted... and then proceeded to eat crushed oreo cookies with a spoon while reading the Justice catalog.

Within five minutes of this, she was her cheerful self and I had whiplash.

If this is what it is like at eight, I need to stock up on chocolate and wine now to prepare for the teenage years!

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