Monday, January 6, 2014

Overheard and a bonus vacation day

The kids were supposed to go back to school today but the temps are so cold, they've canceled school! Not that I'm complaining- we've had a wonderful break and gotten into a good routine. Still, they are anxious to get back to their friends!

Cole's found his voice recently and he says the most HILARIOUS things! Right now he's shoving Matchbox cars in my face and saying, "What this car name?" Since these are not from the movie Cars, I have to name them on the spur of the moment. So far, we have Shark Car, Corvette, Yellow Car, Blue Car, and Missile. What can I say, I can't name cars!

Me: Cole, is there any particular reason why you have to strip off all your clothes every time you use the potty?
Cole: Nope. Five!
Adam: You have five reasons?
Cole: Yep!

Me: (counting) One... two... three... what comes after three?
Cole: ME!

Cole: I have two grandma, two grandpa.

Me: Who are your big brothers?
Cole: Georgie. Cami. Joe!

Every time he says "yellow" it comes out "yoyo." I've asked his speech therapist to please never correct him!

The other day I was being silly and dancing in the car. Normally Cole screams, "NO DANCE!" but this time he and George joined right in, complete with farting noises. Lovely. I turned to look back at them and saw the people in the car next to me were giving a thumbs up, laughing and clapping. I just laughed... and then noticed the Rosary and "Keep Christ in Christmas" sticker on their car! Adam swears I will probably run into them at church!

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