Monday, December 16, 2013

Never, ever get sick

At least, not at the same times your child is diagnosed with food allergies and your husband leaves on a week long business trip.

Adam got home Friday and my throat was a little sore. By  Saturday morning, I was laying in bed, shivering, with 3 heavy blankets on me. I don't think I got out of bed until Sunday morning. Then, I cleaned the house because, holy cow. After 20 minutes of good cleaning, the fever and chills were back and here I am, in the recliner, watching Dinosaur Train with a sick kid.Yep, George is down too!

2013 has not been terribly kind to us and it seems like it is trying to heap everything on us in the last few weeks. Provided I am healthy, I have my third funeral to attend on Thursday. Please keep a college friend in your prayers, as her mom passed away this past week.

Anyway, enough downers! Since I don't have the energy to blog, here's a picture of Santa Yoda in our Nativity:

My Facebook friends came up with some GREAT captions!

"Savior, you need."

"Frankincense, I bring."

"Gold have I."

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