Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick Takes... Saturday

I swear this is just becoming funny! Remember when someone thought I am my sister's mother? Or how we apparently dress alike? Well, this week one of my parents' friends came up to me and engaged me in conversation. The conversation was generic enough but my mom finally said, "Uh, you do know which daughter this is, right?"
He thought he did, but he was wrong.
Not a few hours later, I was sitting with my back to the door and another one of their friends walked up. Before I could stand up, she gave me I hug. I didn't mind because I am a huggy person but, again, Mom said, "That's not who you think it is!"
I now introduce myself as, "Hi! I'm not my sister!" Depending on who it is, I might add, "I'm the one they never talk about!" and wink.
My dad's always good for random quotes:
Me: I haven't said anything I need to apologize for, have I?
Dad: No, but the week's still young!
I lasted 6 more hours after that.
We are heading to the wilds up North this week. I'm hoping for less than 100 degree temps and mosquitoes that are smaller than a pterodactyl. Oh, and cow beer, New Glarus beer. My favorite is Spotted Cow (hence, cow beer) but I don't think they've made a bad beer. Oh, and a friend I haven't seen in years is going to be there! We try to meet every year (she has family in the same area) but it never worked until this year. I'm so excited!
I have eaten more cupcakes, cakes and treat food this week than I have in the past month. I've also gone to bed late (like midnight or later) and slept (alone! uninterrupted!) until 8 am. I am getting fat, lazy and spoiled!
I got nothing else but a headache! Head to Jen's for more Quick Takes by people who are sitting around, being a sloth and loosing track of time.

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