Friday, July 5, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Happy 4th of July!

Sigh. You know you have a nine year old boy when this is the best picture you have of him:

I can tell that getting good pictures for this year's Christmas card is going to be SO EASY. NOT.
Okay, that's not entirely fair. Nine has its perks. Yesterday he asked to make pancakes and made the whole thing from start to finish. He got out the griddle, make the mix and cleaned up a bit. When I go to the store, I can tell him what to get and he finds it. I don't have to worry about him wandering off. Plus, he's got a wicked good sense of humor and is always finding fun jokes and trivia for us!
On Wednesday, I took the kids to a local splash pad. Cole figured out how to paddle around with his life jacket on! It was so cute but a little independence with this kid could be a dangerous, dangerous thing. He's already learned how to hold my hands and jump off the side. I've been using this to encourage speech, "One, two, three- say, JUMP!" Instead of saying, "jump!" he would say "POOL!" or "eight! two! nine!" Silly guy!

Cole and his bathing suits are BFFs. I used to think it was silly to have more than one bathing suit per kid. But Cole changes suits more than most little girls change princess costumes. (Yes, friends, that is a stereotype.) He frequently runs up to me naked and hands me a different bathing suit than the one he had on. When I find the other suit, nothing is wrong with it. He hasn't peed in it. He just wants  a new suit!
You probably read between the line right there. Yes, all he wears are his swim suits. I remember Camille did the same thing in 2008. That's how she potty-trained too; the suits are easy on, easy off and if she wet, she would know. No problem. But when I say this is ALL he wears, I mean it. I have to hog wrestle him into a t-shirt for summer school and his poor para. Apparently they have one-on-one paras at school and if the kiddo you are in charge of needs a diaper change, you deal with it. Cole has been dry after school for a good two weeks now but refuses to use the potty at school OR wear a diaper. This makes her nervous!
Okay, so not only do I send my kid to SCHOOL in a bathing suit and diaper less (no, he won't wear underwear either) he carries an extra with him! When I say he's BFFs with his suits, I'm not kidding. We can normally find him hugging an extra one and wanting it to go to school in his backpack. It's hilarious!

I think by putting this on-line, I will have scarred him for life. But, future Cole, preschoolers do wonderfully funny things and you are a wonderfully funny preschooler!

Last night we went to see fireworks. We were pretty far away so the noise didn't bother George too much. However, they started at 9:30 and my kids are normally in bed by 8. They were squabbling and fighting over the iPad. We met old friend of Adam's and Joe greeted them by saying, "I hate fireworks." Thank you, child.
The fireworks were awesome (heart shaped!) but afterwards we got in the car and Cami announced she lost her glasses. She says they fell off her face in the car. But if they fell off IN THE CAR why aren't they still IN THE CAR? Questions, questions.


Breaking news- Pope John Paul II is now SAINT JP2!

You know the drill- go over to Jen's and read more!


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