Thursday, June 13, 2013

Music from the Wii

I'm sitting here listening to music from the Wii. It was supposed to be another one of my days off, but I kept George home from VBS. He has speech today and while I normally would have kept him out, he has missed plenty of speech due to the chicken pox. He needs to go. Yes, I would have picked him up early but... it's not worth the drama or struggle for an hour of "me" time.

So, he's home playing Wii, I'm drinking coffee and blogging and ignoring the housework. Sounds par for the course, no?

Tuesday was a pretty rotten day. I came home from VBS emotionally exhausted and napped on the couch for a bit. George had his private speech and did great, but when the SLP asked him is he enjoyed VBS he said, "No." When asked if he liked snack, he said, "I no like snack."

Well.  Sigh.

I asked her what we should do: keep him in or pull him out? She really couldn't give me an answer because there really isn't one. Yes, he should probably experience VBS. And, in my stubbornness, I want MY PARISH to be able to accommodate him. I want him to go to a CATHOLIC VBS. I wonder if we are doing him good by saying, "You need to experience this and try." Maybe he will grow up and say, "I'm glad my parents made me do things typical kids did because it was good for me and helped me learn how to handle everyday situations."

Or will be grow up and say, "My parents forced me to sit through something that was physically painful for me. They didn't accept that I couldn't do it and didn't listen to me when I said I didn't want to go."

Sigh. Can't win for trying, eh?

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