Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Chicken Pox Edition

 Cole still has chicken pox. I mean, you didn't expect them to go away over night, did you? As far as HORRIBLE COMMUNICABLE DISEASES YOUR CHILD SHOULD BE VACCINATED AGAINST (which is what everyone seems to call it) go, he's doing well! He's sleeping better than normal. If that is a side effect of CP, rock on. Some of the spots are scabbing over but he is still breaking out in new ones. In other words, he's still under house arrest.
I finally got ahold of my doctor after three tries. Maybe three is the magic number around here , because that's the amount of phone calls I received from public health. I am NOT kidding. I was beginning to feel a little harassed! They kept wanting to know if my doctor had seen him and had confirmed it. I kept saying, "No. They don't want him in the office because they don't want to spread it to the elderly, pregnant women or babies!" Still, for some reason, my doctor had to see him. As my friend said, I should have asked public health to send a doctor out to confirm it himself!
When I called the front desk to ask for an appointment, the nurses were not happy with me. Frankly, I wasn't very happy with anyone at this point. I made sure to tell them, nicely, that I was not happy I had to bring it him in. I didn't WANT to drag my sick kid out to possibly get everyone else sick. I didn't purposely expose him (I don't think anyone believes me, honestly) and dealing with the school plus public health was becoming a huge pain in my backside.
Anyway, my doctor confirmed it and said that when/if George breaks out, I won't have to bring him in. They will confirm it over the phone for me and note it in his chart. GOOD.
 I told my doctor I was tempted to tell public health that Cole has small pox. My doctor snickered and then said, "Seriously, don't do that." Heh. After making a wise-crack to a TSA agent (about being turned into Superman/woman in their fancy scanning machines) and getting a Very Serious Look in response, I am pretty sure that government agents of all sorts have had their sense of humor sucked out.
Except for soldiers, because they all rock:
After these past two months, I am even more tired (right now) than I would be normally. My husband dragged me out of bed at 7 am by promising me coffee. He lied; the pot was empty and cold when I got downstairs. Is lying about making your wife, who has had a rough two months and spent two weeks caring for sick kids, grounds for divorce? I'm thinking maybe.
On a serious note, a friend's mother lost her battle to cancer this week. I dropped a meal off to them the night her mom died and the whole thing made me feel very introspective. I told Adam that I don't feel like we are old enough worry about loosing our parents but my mother was not much older than I am when her mom passed away. She was even younger when her father died. It gave me a lot of perspective and made me so, so glad my children have all four of their grandparents and four GREAT grandparents living.
I told my mom this and how I appreciate and understand a bit more of what she went through. Mom said that that's what mothers live for; to hear that their children appreciate them! I believe this has suckered me into favorite child status! Haha, BOOYAH! ;)
I was going to end this on a  non-poxy note but George just saw Cole getting his diaper changed and said, "Him have chicken pox on his BUTT!" He was both horrified and amused, as am I!

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  1. I hope Cole gets better soon. I remember how miserable Chicken Pox was.