Thursday, May 23, 2013

Now I'm Just Laughing

Remember yesterday when I said I am just DONE with 2014? I told this to my husband and he was like, "Too bad it's not even June." Yeah, thanks honey.

Now? Now I'm either laughing hysterically or banging my head against the wall. Whatever I am doing, the result is the same: Cole has the chicken pox.

Yes, yes you read that right. Some people might say that I should have known he would get the chicken pox. After all, he's not vaccinated against them. In 2010, he had a nasty vaccine reaction and since then, he has gotten his vaccines one at a time and only certain ones. I mean, if I can only give him one, single dose vaccine at a time and risk another reaction, the disease had better be worth it. Given the choice between, say, whopping cough and chicken pox, I want him immune to WC, you know?

But, I had no clue! In fact, the month prior I had just had a conversation with our doctor about the risks vs benefits of vaccines for Cole and what to do about visiting Miss Who. While we don't normally visit in the winter due to school, I want us to be as healthy and protected as possible so we don't get her sick. That ment considering the flu shot for Cole, as that was a vaccine we had said "no" to due to a previous reaction. We even discussed the CP shot but held off for another, more important shot.

On Sunday, Cole had THE worst diaper known to man. It was horrible and literally ran all over the couch. Blech. I stayed home with him from church and we figured it was just a normal virus or he had too much fruit. Monday he was fine, so he went to school. That night, I noticed one spot on his neck and thought, "That's weird." For a fleeting moment I thought "chicken pox" but then we dismissed it because he hadn't been exposed. It is hard to get "wild pox" without knowingly exposing your child so I figured there was NO WAY he had chicken pox. I told Adam that if he had more spots in the morning, I would keep him home.

Tuesday morning he was in a great mood and had only that one spot. I figured it was a random thing and sent him off to school. That afternoon, around four, I noticed more spots and called my mom. She said that sometimes random virus' can cause spots so not to worry. I remember running my fingers through his hair, thinking, "He doesn't have any in his hair!" I left to take dinner to a friend whose mother was very ill and when I came home, I cuddled with him while he watched TV.

As I ran my fingers threw his hair, I felt bumps and noticed light yellow/clear fluid filled bumps. I lifted his shirt and his torso and diaper area were covered. In the space of five hours, he had completely broken out in spots!

Wednesday morning I called the school. I figure that other parents have a right to know what their kids have been exposed to. The school nurse informed me that George could not come to school either, since he has been exposed and has not had the vaccine. Okay, fine. School ends next week. I need to figure out what to do about his summer speech classes, but we'll work it out. She insists that she needs a doctor's confirmation that it is CP. Since I already have a call into the doctor, I assure her I will call as soon as I know more.

The doctor's nurse calls back asking for more details and I give them to her. I tell the nurse that the school needs confirmation of chicken pox and I would like it noted on Cole's health record that he had a case of "wild pox." No problem. The nurse isn't sure if the doctor wants Cole to come in or not, which is fine. I don't want to expose the babies or elderly patients!

THEN... public health calls wanting to talk to me about my germy, unvaccinated kids. (My words, not theirs.) I am super nice but use words like "severe vaccine reaction" and "delayed and selective schedule weighting the risks of the disease to the risk of my son having another reaction to a vaccine." All this is true but sometimes it works in my advantage to be Super Educated Professional Mom rather than "I am scrubbing poop out of a diaper and the carpet and haven't had my fourth cup of coffee" Mom. Heh. (Disclaimer: I am both.) I promise to call the Health Department back as soon as I hear from my doctor.

So then I have a mild freak out moment.

Or maybe not mild. At this point, I am all, "WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY KIDS???" My mother said they need to know who has CP to keep track of epidemics. Okay, great. SINCE WHEN DID THIS BECOME AN EPIDEMIC?! I remember when it was just expected that half of the school would be out in the spring due to chicken pox. Dude, I remember having them! I can still tell you the name of the person I got them from and how happy my mom was to have me done with them!

OMG, I need to PULL THE KIDS FROM SCHOOL and HOMESCHOOL THEM so the government will NEVER KNOW OUR VACCINE STATUS!! Maybe we should even move to a compound in the middle of nowhere! Off the radar! Away from THE MAN, man!

Okay, that was a little extreme but given what happened last fall, do you blame me?

As of this writting, I still haven't heard from the doctor. (Gee, I wonder if he has more important things to do like catch babies and help heal sick people?) I have, however, heard from Public Health yet AGAIN. They actually asked who my doctor was! Call me crazy but I did NOT pony up that information. They assured me that they just want to make sure it is CP so they do not have to exlude my son from school more than is nessary. I assured THEM that I completely udnerstand and agree with their position. (I do.) However, since it is the end of the school year, I am not fussed with the boys missing a week of school. I am concerned about their summer school activities but Cole will likely be healed by the time summer school starts. Although George qualifies for speech over the summer through the district, he also have private speech services. I also plan to discuss with his teachers via e-mail his speech services and how to work around this.

And God? Chicken Pox was not on my summer bucket list but I suppose if the boys need to get them, now is a decent time! I just want a summer of health and wellness and horses that fart rainbows, m'kay?

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