Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: Lenten Love

1. Am I the only person on the planet who does not watch Downton Abbey? I think I am and this makes me sad. It has been so, so long since there was a TV show that I watched just for me. I think... well, I know I saw the last episode of Friends. I watch TV, I do, but it's mostly Top Gear (because Adam watches it), Finding Bigfoot (gee, I have no idea why!) and kids programming. I know I would LOVE Downton Abbey. What is NOT to love! It has Maggie Smith, it's British, it's a period piece and the drama!

2. Speaking of the TV, I told Adam I AM watching Call the Midwife. I missed season one but season two starts in the states in a few weeks. We now have DVR and he promised to record it for me. I saw the Christmas show and just loved it. I plan to make a date with several baskets of laundry and recorded episodes of Call the Midwife! in the future. (I have found that I can guarantee myself alone time if I have laundry and a TV show no one else wants to watch.)

3. Can I add in Tv-watching for Lent?

4. Speaking of Lent, we are:
          as a family: no more Sonic Happy Hour
          personally: no eating after dinner and a reasonable bedtime. I'm shooting for lights out at 10:30. I will need Adam's help, though, since he likes to lay in bed and watch TV. I have a hard time sleeping without him AND sleeping with the TV on.
           spiritually: still thinking on this one. Holy Week Masses for sure and maybe Stations with the kids.

5. I have something else I want to do but it really doesn't fall into those categories. My uncle is sick with cancer and I think I want to donate blood in his honor. This is a big deal for me because I hate needles, I am a poor stick and I don't bleed well. Heh. But I promise to give it the ole try. If he can go through chemo, I can give blood.

6. This has not been Cole's week. Tuesday he fell at the chiropractor's office, scraped his chin, bite into hi lip on the inside and chipped a tooth! Thursday he was climbing the couch at the speech therapist's. As I reached to stop him, he fell back and smacked his head. He even scraped his scalp too! This is the kid who can get hurt sitting down- not hat he ever sits down! Poor guy. He always looks so beat up!

7. On Monday I will be kicking off  the beginning of a series called:

I hope to run a series of six, one article a week in Lent. I was inspired by Amy of and the attitudes she encountered when she took her children to Mass.  Although I will be writing from a Catholic perspective, I hope the attitudes, tips and tricks will help people of all faith backgrounds. Most of all, I want to empower parents to take their kids to Mass no matter what anyone says. All the children belong before Jesus. All of them.

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