Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Takes Friday: BIGFOOT!

1. My husband and I have started watching "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. A few nights ago, Adam and George cuddled in our bed, hoping to get George to sleep, and Adam flipped on the show. I thought it would scare George. No. Of course not. Instead, he is obsessed with BIGFOOT!

2. In some ways, this Bigfoot obsession works in our favor. In speech, he is working on his "t" sounds, both at the beginning and end of words. What does Bigfoot end in? A T! At speech he's been saying full sentences like, "Bigfoot eat[s] taco" and "Bigfoot tap toe[s]." It is cute and hysterical at the same time!

3. To increase the adorableness and to make my heart swell, George told me everything he knows about Bigfoot. "Bigfoot ha[s] HUUUUUGGGGEEE leg[s]. Bigfoot this beeeeeg! Bigfoot big [as] Nono!" (That had me laughing since my father isn't even six feet tall!) "Oh. no! We [l]ock door! Bigfoot not [get] in house!" I assured him that Bigfoot would not get into our house and that Bigfoot doesn't live where we do. Bonus: I had him do the whole thing again for my camera and I recording five minutes straight of him talking about Bigfoot.

4. It wasn't funny, however, when George and Camille were looking at pictures in Cole's scrapbook. There is a picture of my shadow, 34 weeks pregnant. I thought it was a cool picture when I took it... until yesterday, when George pointed at it and said, "BIGFOOT!" Excuse me, kid? I'm five foot three on a GOOD day and I am not that hairy! Way to not be the favorite child!

5. (Fine. I am that hairy. However, I shave and routinely visit the salon. Darn Italian Man-Hair.)

6. George's Bigfoot call could give Bobo a run for his money.

7. What is the plural for Bigfoot, anyway? Bigfeet? Bigfoots?

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