Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Proof my kids is awesome

All my kids are awesome but George was apparently full of The Awesomesauce last week.

Both George and Camille had their pictures taken for their fourth and (upcoming) seventh birthdays. While we were waiting for our turn, George spied a 31 bag in the same print as our large utility tote that we use for diapers (and swim gear during the summer). He pointed at it and said, "We got that bag!" The mother turned around and smiled at him. Adam joked that we need to teach him to say, "Do you have a consultant?" or "You need to book a party with my mom!"


After their pictures, we went to the shoe section. Aside from the fact that all my shoes are either flats or boots and I NEED new ones, Adam and I went to a swanky black tie even Saturday. The store was having a shoe sale so I was trying on heels. There were tons of shoes in my size for $25 and under so I had quite the collection of sparkly high heels around me. George grabbed a pair of blue (turquoise) heels and said, "I need these shoes!"

"Honey, you have shoes!"

"No. My shoes too beeeeg! [big] I need blue shoes!" Camille helped him take off his sneakers, "measured" his feet and then he put on the heels. It was hilarious to see him walked around the shoe in high heels! Although . . . he can walk in them better than I can! The shoes were $24 and I didn't love them, so we finally convinced him to put them back. Had they been cheaper, I would have bought them for him to use a play shoes and worn them in the spring. I told Adam I'm going to go to Goodwill and get him some blingy dress up shoes to play with.


At McDonald's that night I was helping George get his shoes on when 4 12-13 year old girls walked in. He said, "Hi!" cheerfully and they waved back. He looked at me and said, "I go hug them!" and ran after the girls. He gave each one a hug as the mom and I laughed. The poor girls looked completely confused and they clearly did not know him at all! He yelled, "BYE!" and ran after Adam to go to the car.

In the car, I asked him if he knew the girls from church, thinking they might be some of the young teenage youth workers who help with the little kids. He said, "No, I know them from" and signed an "M" for McDonald's. You know, he knows them from McDonald's... from five minutes ago.

My kids has peeps.

This is the child who has social anxiety. This is the kid who, 2+ years ago had a circle of less than ten people he would try to communicate with. This, folks, is the result of intense therapy.

Damn it is worth it!


  1. Wow! that is great! I wish more insurance companies realized the importance of therapy at a young age or at least that more parents realized the importance of interventions BEFORE school starts.

    1. Believe me, we do too! (And so do our pocketbooks!_)