Monday, January 21, 2013

No-Cry Sleep Solution Update

Back in November, I hosted a review and giveaway for Elizabeth Pantley's books, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschooler and the No-Cry Potty Training Solution. At the time of the writing, we had seen improvement in both Cole and George's sleep habits but not in pottying.

A few months later, potty training is still the same: not happening. Both boys are undergoing big changes in their lives and we (parents and therapists) feel that this is not the time to make any more big changes or transitions with them. Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children donated some large cloth diapers to the (lost) cause. Her diapers fit my big boy and help him feel wet. He's been asking to be changed and telling me if he is wet or poopy. Every once in a while, I'll mention the potty and he will tell me he DOES NOT use the potty and Penguin does not either. Cole? Cole could care less and still runs away screaming like a maniac when I try to change him. Oy.

But sleep! Glorious, blissful sleep! At the beginning of the school year, Cole was still up multiple times a night, which was an improvement from his "before surgery" sleep habits. George had to be driven to sleep and was up a night.

And now!

When Adam was home from HIS surgery and we were laying low, I discovered that Cole still needs a nap. If he naps, he sleeps better at night! Sleep begets sleep. Duh, Laura. We had a pretty good routine going over Christmas break and he would nap every day from 1-3 pm. When he napped, he went to sleep around 7:30 or 8 and would sleep until six am. While six is a bit early for my taste, he woke up happy and refreshed. I make coffee, set him up with breakfast and deal.

George no longer needs to be driven to sleep. Sometimes he needs a nap and sometimes he doesn't. It has been a little more frequent since school began but I think he's just adjusting to the new routine. Unless he has a bad dream or his diaper leaks, he rarely wakes up at night anymore. The one or two times h woke up while Adam was still doped up from surgery and didn't need a restless kid in bed with him, we asked George to sleep on the floor. I made him a little bed with a pillow and he was happy.

Adam says he really feels that the last three months have been better. Our next step is to help the little boys falls asleep in their own beds. I plan to try to lay Cole down sleepy but awake and sit next to his bed. I'll begin to move away from the bed. We will do the same with George, but I think we will be able to tell him what needs to be done and put him down awake. Again, we'll sit next to the bed and move away as time goes on. George is ready for this step but I'm not ready to give up my snuggle (and sit and read my Kindle and surf FB guilt free) time with my baby.

Overall, we are so pleased with the MUCH less stressful bedtime routines!