Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Holidays By the Numbers

  1. ONE sad husband. Christmas night he turned me to and said, "And tomorrow, the secular world will act like Christmas is OVER! It isn't over until Epiphany!" I just stared at him. This is a far cry from the Scrooge I married!
Don't worry, I promised to make Christmas last much, much longer by finally baking sugar cookies and playing my Jingle Spells CDs all the time! I am so giving like that!
2. TWO kids who gave me a great picture a few weeks ago:
    3. THREE times a day I have watched the Polar Express since July. My parents gave the little boys a model Polar Express that runs on a track and says things like, "ALL ABOARD!" Tom Hanks is now haunting my dreams.
    We also have THREE new boxes of cloth diapers! I have been hunting high and low for affordable cloth diapers for children over 35 pounds. Apparently, kids are supposed to be day and night trained by the time they are 35 pounds. Huh. Sure. Thankfully, Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children gifted me with three boxes of hand me down pocket diapers in medium and petite/large. The larges FIT George! It's a huge help since we are at the point where we NEED more cloth diapers and I don't want to/can't spend a ton since someone (either one, anyone!) will be potty training soon.
    4. FOUR time I am interrupted per page when I try to sit down to read. My mother loaned me the last two books in the Call the Midwife! series. They are so interesting! I love history told through the eyes of people who are not presidents or major leaders. It gives such a different perspective on historical events and life during that time period. The lives of the people in the East End of London during the 1950's is fascinating and the stories of the workhouses are heart breaking but a must-read to understand many social and political ideals of various time periods.Of course, there's enough birth stories and information about midwifery practices during that time period to keep this birth-junkie happy!
    I also have The Casual Vacancy to read and I think my dad is sending me a book about Joseph Kennedy Senior. I've already read Mrs. Kennedy and Me (another great read!), The Kennedy Detail and Killing Kennedy.
    5. FIVE things that Cole broke this holiday season: Three balls ornaments that I made several years ago (to be fair, he had help from George), one Royals "ball" and a glass bowl.
    6. SIX people in this house who are starting to go stir crazy. We need to break out of this joint but don't want to brave the crowds and have nothing we need to buy. Plus, we're not ready to see Valentine's Day hoopla in the stores!
    7. SEVEN days since I began to tell Adam I needed him to order more of my hippie-dippie-can-only-get-on-line shampoo. I am now plumb out of it and my head itches. That hippie shampoo is well worth the six to seven dollars a bottle I pay for it! Don't worry; we finally ordered more!

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