Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward and Back: On 2012 and What 2013 Might Bring

As always, I have been reflecting on the past year. It's been a pretty awesome year. Joseph received his First Communion and has gone from being a squarely little turkey in Mass to a well behaved young man. Camille turned six, got her white belt in TKD and is really progressing in her reading. George said his first three word sentence and is making such HUGE strides in speech. Cole is defiantly the baby of the family. 2013 will rock his little world.

We got the call right after Adam's surgery that Cole will begin the first phase of preschool speech evaluation in February. He will be in George's old AM classroom, which is perfect for both him and me. He is familiar with everyone who works in the classroom and I really like the team they have. Of course, being our strong willed and slightly spoiled Bear, he likes to do things his own way on his own time. His most used word is NO! Second to NO! is MINE! I think listening, following directions and having to wait his turn are going to rock his world but full time preschool is going to be really, really good for him.

After the New Year, George will be moving to the afternoon class. Same teachers, same paras, same room, familiar friends from last year but a new time. Yes, this means that I will have about one hour between picking up Cole and dropping off George. It's daunting but we will make it work. The boys might take the bus one way (home for Cole and to school for George) but we are going to give it a try without the bus for a bit. I hope that by this time next year he speaks clearly (more clearly than now, at any rate), continues to try new foods in different textures and continues to grow in confidence in himself.

I hope both boys will have ditched the sippy cups, and one of them will have ditched the diapers. (Please, one of you? Either one? Not picky here!)

Gosh, in December 2013 Camille will be almost eight! She will have received her first Reconciliation and will be prepping for her First Communion. I hope her reading takes off even more than it already is. She wants to learn to sew and crochet and I plan on teaching her. Adam and I both want to spend some more one on one time with her, as she has shown a but of middle child syndrome. She's recently discovered she likes Star Trek and will cuddle with Adam to watch the show. I'd love to see her progress in swimming and in TKD.

Joseph... ah, the big boy who never stops growing. He'll be close to TEN. That's just INSANE! He's talked about joining the Leadership team at TKD and I think he would be excellent at it. He's close to the next belt level and I think he will progress through 2 or 3 more levels in 2013. He's close to committing to working towards his black belt. Look out world, he will take you OUT!

Adam and I will officially begin our second decade of being married on April 20. Eleven years. I don't feel old enough to be married ten years, let alone nearly 11! I suppose that happens when you met your future husband at 14, though.Our Washington DC vacation was a huge mild stone for us: ten years of marriage and our first solo vacation without the kids. 2012 is also the first even numbered year when we did NOT have a baby!

 I know Adam wants to continue to grow in his profession. He wants to continue swimming and get more tone. I need to loose 50 pounds, per my doctor. I want to grow my Thirty-One team and go to the national conference in July. As always, cost is a consideration, as is time away from my family. Hopefully, I will make it work!

As for the blog... dude, 2012 was a good year for the blog. Lots of reviews and giveaways and book reviews. Man, I love book reviews! Heck, I love all reviews and giveaways! I get to test new products or read new books and then spread the love by hosting a giveaway! Works for me! In 2013 I want to continue on that vein, continue writing for the Natural Parents Network and perhaps write for a few more magazines. We'll have to see. I am really happy with my writing now, so I expect that even if I stay on the same path with it, I will still be happy and fulfilled.

I hope 2012 was wonderful for you.

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