Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Dogs Bury Bones

Random gentleman at the library: You sure have your hands full with those two scamps. I think I would rather have a Labrador Retriever.
Me: Oh, we have one of those but he's 120 pounds of dog!

What, your dog doesn't wear Mardia Gras beads?


On Monday, I loaded up Cole to do some serious grocery shopping. Not only were we out of things like toilet paper and dish washing soap, we had spent the past week "eating down" the house to get ready for a short trip. I was pretty sure the kids would want dinner that night so I needed to get food to, you know, feed them.

One of our normal items to buy every week are whole wheat tortillas from Sams. Joseph likes to make cheese quesadilla and Georgie eats them plain. They toast up well for a healthy version of chips too.

Later Monday afternoon, I went upstairs to fold some laundry (no, it's not always all over the floor!) to find an empty tortilla bag on the floor. Right away, I asked, "Who took out ALL the tortillas?"

And before the words left my mouth, I saw George with one in his hand and Higgins with 4 or 5 in his mouth!

I just looked at the two of them. Higgins hung his head and George walked to the back door to head outside before I took his tortilla from him. The dog followed, his jaws full of fresh, new, just opened tortillas. Adam just looked at me and said, "You can't blame him- George just GAVE them to him!"

Whatever. Aside from a few on the table, several dollars worth of food was gone- again.

The next morning Adam went to take out the compost and came inside laughing. He found the dog's tortillas from the day before half-buried in the backyard. Apparently, some dogs bury bones. Ours buries whole wheat tortillas.

(Photo credit: Laura/WaldenMommy)

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