Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Keep On Swimming

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This post actually has nothing to do with the fact that Finding Nemo is coming out again. Which reminds me, the kids haven't seen that one yet...
Every Catholic parents who reads my blog knows that it can be a giant PITA to take your kids to Mass. Between the "I can't find my shoes!" and "Do I HAVE TO brush my teeth? (you know, unlike every other morning!)" and "Is it donut Sunday?" I need Confession again before Mass begins. Then the children who can sit for hours in front of the TV watching Octonauts to swim in the bathtub until they turn into an octonaut cannot sit still for one signal minute to see the bread and wine turn into the Body and Blood of Christ.
(Mommy might need Confession before, during and after Mass at this rate!)
On Sunday, as we were standing up to Receive, Joseph turned to me and said, "Oddly, this is my favorite part."
Hey! All those days of nagging, poking, dragging and hissing, "Pay attention to the miracle that is taking place in front of your face!" paid off!
Dinner time can be a battle, from getting it on the table, to forcing little people to sit down, to listening to the complaining about what I cooked. The past few weeks, Joseph and Camille have started siting at the table just to chat with us. Sure, we talk about "kid stuff" like who said what at school and bodily functions. But, dude, our kids are sitting at the table, talking to us, engaging us in conversation, not running off to watch Disney Junior! And it's enjoyable! SCORE!
Our school's book fair is going on. We don't participate in many fund raisers for our school. I mean, how many over priced rolls of wrapping paper and 2 gallon tubs of cookie dough do we need? (The answer: none.) Plus, our school is small and nearly every child in the neighborhood (and most of the houses have children) go to our school. There's no one to sell too! We participate in the coupon book sales (because those are a good price and useful) and the book fairs (because I am sucker for books and it supports the school!) My rule is that I will buy each child one book an NO treats/pencils/junk to step on at 2 am.
My oldest kids picked out I Survived Pearl Harbor and Barbie's The Princess and the Pop Star. At first I was terribly amused at their taste in books ... and then I took a look at my Kindle library where I am reading Mrs. Kennedy and Me, The Kennedy Detail and grown up versions of The Princess and the Pop Star. Yeeeaaahhh, they get their taste in books from their mother.
No, I am not reading bad Twilight fan-fiction, I mean 50 Shades of Grey. Actually, I rather enjoyed the Donnovans of the Delta series. The first one was free through Pixel of Ink and I bought the rest because I enjoyed the first one so much. The MudBug series is really good too- very funny!
According to my princess, a princess wears a crown and a pop star wears a headband.
Cole: Bye woo! (to the trains at the bookstore) Hello, two word phrase!
Camille has had two cavities for awhile now and it was time to get them filled. We had tried twice before and she didn't cooperate. One time, she had  cold and they couldn't use the nitrous oxide on her. Another time, she just freaked out. She was polite about it but wouldn't let them touch her. Yesterday, she was in and out in 30 minutes. She did great and needed no numbing agents. She skipped right out of the back and was smiling.
I can't believe how things are turning out. We are so far done with parenting but it's nice seeing some of our hard work being to pay off! We need to just keep swimming...


  1. Your description of #1 made me giggle. SO my house on Sunday. We go to Saturday confessions and I'm ALWAYS thinking that--Mommy needs confession BEFORE Mass!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to fight my kids about going to church. I hear "I don't want to go, chuch is boring" but when I pickup the kids from Sunday school they're having fun. Sheesh!