Monday, August 20, 2012

Flashback: Druken Guardian Angels

A friend and I were chatting on Facebook about the difference between first children and all the others. Joseph didn't have a bouncey seat until he was two months old. The others had one and needed one from the get go. Why? To keep them safe while I showered or while they napped. I know you are thinking, "Newborns don't DO anything! What could they get into?" Well, it's not them... it's their siblings!

From Dec., 2008.

An on-line friend (her blog, Seven Angels... is linked on the right) once told me about a picture she has of an angel, holding a bottle of something, and looking like he's been put through the wringer. Today, I couldn't get that image out of my head. I think Georgie's Guardian Angel is going to be a drunk.

First the early birth. Then the NICU. Now, his sister.

I set George to sleep in his bouncy chair in our bedroom. He was happy and asleep so I went puttering around the house. The older two were watching TV, so I put things away, read the paper, that sort of thing. Then, I noticed only Joseph was watching TV, so I went to find Camille.

Her bedroom door was shut.

This means she is up to no good, because she HATES having her door shut. With a mad passion. HATES IT.

And I heard the baby crying.

From behind her door.

The chic had PICKED HIM UP and CARRIED HIM INTO HER ROOM and put him to sleep IN HER BED.

I knew she could get him out of the chair and sit on the floor to hold him but not this! Thank GOD she didn't put a pillow on his face like she has before!

I scooped up the baby and pulled Camille out from behind the curtains, where she was hiding. I didn't get mad at her, even though she had PICKED UP THE BABY and WOKEN HIM UP. I told her Baby Georgie is too little to sleep in her big girl bed and she cannot pick the baby up without my premission. I got him back to sleep and back in his bouncey... but this time I managed to swaddle him, put him on his side and fasten the buckles. And boy was she MAD! She couldn't get him out now!

It was ten am but wasn't it five somewhere? I knew I could have used a drink and I bet Georgie's Guardian Angel was slumped against a wall somewhere, wiping his brow and slugging back a cold one!

Camille was almost 3 at the time, and Georgie was a few weeks old. I normally swaddled the baby and put him on his side in the bouncey, so he couldn't be strapped in. I figured out how to swaddle and strap him in after this. Oh, in case you are wondering, he's still Cami's "baby."

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  1. Goodness! I know exactly what you mean about the hazards of the older siblings. Like, when they forget there's a new baby in the house so they sit on her (I was sitting next to her and believe me when I tell you, the eight year old boy flew that day as I single arm chucked him of of her), the "helping" mommy by giving baby their chokeable toys to play with, and of course, taking baby off of mama's tied hands.
    Your story cracked me up, I love the guardian angel reference!