Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day!

Today was the first day of school for the 2012-13 school year! All the kids were so excited. They were up and moving before me in the morning and in the car by 8 am. Too bad not every day will be like this!

Tuesday was Meet the Teacher. We brought up the kids school supplies and met all the teachers. I am pleased with Joseph and Camille's teachers; honestly, I don't have a problem with any of the teachers at our school. (Knock on wood!) George is going to be with the same teacher he had last year.

I don't have pictures, because one of my Honorary Fifth Child(ren) is back for the mornings and she is in the all the photos. However, I was one of the few parents who dropped off their kiddos and ran.I remember getting on the bus, lugging all my school supplies, trying to find my classroom... not many parents, when I was little, took their kids in for the first day of school. It was a Big Deal and apart from normal life.

In our neighborhood, we drive by the school every day, whether it is in session or not. We go by the playground when school is out so we can play. The school is very much a part of our life. Going to back to school IS a big deal... but it is also like going over to a friend's house to play. It's special and fun and a big deal... but also not a big deal. It's a part of normal life for us.

All my kids are very comfortable at their school. The kids walked up. George cried because he didn't start today. We had friends over in the morning and in the afternoon, we had a preschool meeting and then speech therapy. After school, they chattered to me about their day and I made a special dinner with cookies for dessert!

Ah back to school. The weather has cooled off and it feels like fall and we're ready to rock it!

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