Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick takes Fridays: Linky Love and Speech

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From the combox at Conversion Diary: Gettin' Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot. I normally don't like this type of music but this is funny! (And I don't even live on the West Side of LA.)

Best Attachment Parenting Blogs! A huge shout out to some of my fellow NPN writers, Code Name: Mama, Hobo Mama, Kelly Naturally and Antangkle.

If you've read this blog long enough (ie, two minutes) you know that I suffered from PPD and PTSD. Many people know it happens after the birth of a baby but did you know that it happens after the birth and death of a baby? It makes sense, once you stop and say, "Oh, yeeaaaah." Hormonal-Imbalances wrote about PP Anxiety after the loss of her twins at 19 weeks. Her story is a gentle reminder to be aware of the signs and warning bells of PP mental disorders and to seek help. You are not immune, no matter how happy or sad your story is.
In a flashback to Better Speech and Hearing Month, 29 Milestones for Speech and Hearing. Is your child missing any of these milestones? Please speak to your doctor or contact your local Birth to Three program.

Speaking of speech and hearing, Cole has been talking alot more. He is using different tones and inflections for his words and jargon more. Lately we have been hearing alot of, "Yeah! French Fry!" or "Yeah! Ball-ball." I even heard him call Camille "Sisder" and I think he tried to say "Joe." Oh, yeah, the surgery was worth it!

My husband's car ate up several thousand dollars worth of money today. Something we thought was a simple fix was not. Ouch. In total, our cars have eaten up over eight thousand dollars in repairs in four months! I am not sure what is eating our cars but they need to get over themselves.

Our garden has grown so much zucchini that Joseph is leading a revolt against it. He nearly cried when he saw me tossing shredded zucchini with the pasta tonight. I promised no more squash for a few days. I'm pretty tired of it too!

Check back in the coming week to see how the Baby Sean Fundraiser went!

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