Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh, say can you see?

Every year, for eight years, we have taken a trip to see Adam's grandparents. They are no longer able to travel, so we travel to see them. Since this is our ninth trip (we took two in 2004), I pretty much have the routine down pat. I know what to pack, how to pack it and where to put it in the car. The older kids know how to count out their clothes, what to bring me, and what they are carrying in their backpacks. As I told Adam, "I got this down."

This year, I was on the ball, baby. I had just gotten my new giant XXL Utility Tote from Thirty One. It is a hostess exclusive item and this baby can hold some gear. I packed enough clothes for six people for six days, plus church clothes, laundry soap, shoes and bath suits, into the three bags. I used my utility tote in Awesome Blossom for my items. The laptop and iPad went into a new bag I won in a giveaway. I took the large utility tote and picnic thermal for food, along with another bag. Toss in two packages of diapers, the kids and their backpacks and we were ready to rock and roll.

Everything went smoothly until we were eating breakfast in a small town in the midwest. Adam and I opened the trunk of the car and I realized that I had left my cosmetic case with all my make up, face wash, shampoo. . . . and contacts (save the one pair I was wearing) and glasses at home. To quote Scooby-Doo, "Ruh-roh!"

If you know me, you know I cannot go for long (at all) without my contacts. I can wear my glasses but I can't see as clear with them. I am so nearsighted that everything is blurry... and I do mean everything. My contacts are a daily wear, so having only the pair I was currently wearing was a big, big, big problem.

After cursing under my breath and trying not to cry, we racked our brains to think of someone to call. Adam's sister and parents were out for two different reasons. We finally (at 8:30 am!) called a friend and begged her to overnight my supplies to me. She agreed. It cost us 55 dollars but she did it for us.

Meanwhile, I had one or two days in which I had no contacts and I didn't have my script on me to easily get a new one.Adam suggested Lens Crafters and although I was doubtful they would get such a  strong prescription together in a short amount of time, I agreed.

The people at Lens Crafters at the mall were very kind and understanding. I got an appointment for the next day. Meanwhile, I hit up a local store for make up, face wash and contact cleaner. I also called my mother and tried not to cry on the phone. It had been a long trip, I had forgotten my stuff and the kids were insane. I was just ... done.

I do NOT recommend this, but I was able to take out my daily wear contacts and soak them in a lens solution overnight. Carefully, I put them in the next day and was able to get another day's wear out of them. There simply was no other option; I needed them to see until I got my lenses!

I did have a mild panic/b!tch attack when they told me to take out my contacts to check my vision. I was all, "You don't understand! If they rip or tear I am UP THE CREEK. I can't see without them!" Most people don't believe how bad my vision is until they check for themselves. Thankfully, the doctors were very understanding and promised they would sell me a week's worth of soft contacts to get me by.



See, before January, I had always worn hard contacts. I am so, so used to people having to special order my contacts that I had forgotten most eye doctors can and do keep soft contact lenses in stock.


I calmed down and proceeded to get new glasses. I desperately needed new ones anyway, since my other two pairs were bent and broken. I picked out a nice purple pair that make me want to sing "Marian.... madame librarian!" from Music Man. But they work and I can see!

Armed with new contacts and new glasses, we went back to Grandma's house for lunch. As soon as we arrived, I saw a package on her front stoop. It was my toiletries, including my glasses and contacts! I now had double of everything! I groaned. Had I known that the package would have been here the next day (we were orginally told two days because we were in such a small town) I might have just suffered through. Oh, well.

To top off the exciting trip, our little boys ended up with hand, foot and mouth disease! George spent most of his time either laying on the floor in full, overwhelmed sensory meltdown or being confused by all the people named Joe or George. (And the fact that Grandma spoke about her son, David, really did him in! Poor kid- it won't be any better in July when everyone at my family reunion is named some variation of Carol, Robert, Ruth or Helen.) Joseph was not amused at being the oldest but Camille had a fan club in one of her younger cousins. We discovered that all the great-grandchildren look alike, leaving no hope for the in-laws (spouses of Grandma's grandchildren) of getting a child that looks like them!

But the one thing I did lean? Always triple check the car to make sure you have everything or you will spend part of your vacation at Lens Crafters making sure you can see!

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