Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Family Service Plan

I had a meeting with our coordinator from our local birth to three program yesterday. Cole qualifies for once a week speech and articulation therapy. They also start transitioning them out of the program and into the school district four months before their third birthday! That means we already have a date for a transition team meeting! He just turned TWO! ACK!

It was nice knowing what to do and how to do it. We got to cut through all the "this is how it goes" stuff because I already know it. She even told me what to expect if his hearing does NOT improve with surgery. They have a therapist who works with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing kiddos and would come out to work with me and our SLP. That was great news. Of course, I don't WANT him to have hearing problems but IF he does, I am so happy they have the services in place for him and I know what to expect (a little). I hate not knowing and being out of the loop, so this was nice.

It looks like Tuesday is going to be our therapy day, with Georgie in school in the am, Cole having speech at home in the am, and then Georgie's private speech after lunch.

Summer is in full swing now. I have an honorary fifth child (one of Joe's friends) a few days a week and we have been hitting the pool alot. The kids are getting tan, I'm selling bags and trying to keep the house from turning 110 per cent filthy. Seems like summer to me!

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