Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Best Horse I Have Ever Seen

My mother is visiting for a few days. She and dad have been really chomping at the bit (pun intended!) to see Georgie ride his horse in hippotherapy. My parents used to ride; in fact, the used to own a horse when I was little. All of us had riding lessons but none of us rode for very long, so this is special to them.
The horse is a BIG motivating factor for Georgie and he loooves horses. Way back before he really began to talk, one of his few words was "neigh-neigh." He's been saying "horse" for awhile now and will "talk" about his horse.

Today we were outside playing. The sidewalk chalk was out and I half noticed Georgie was coloring on the front stoop. My mom pulled me over and said, "Laura, he told me it was a neigh-neigh but it looks like a person. Look, I think it has eyes and that must be hair." I looked over and said, "Yeah, he drew a person!" This is HUGE as Georgie doesn't really draw, paint or color. Finger paint? HA!

Then I looked closer and noticed the coloring behind the head. BY GOD, HE DREW A HORSE! The hair was the mane and the coloring behind the head was the horse's body and tail!


And here is his horse, labled for those of you who lack the sophisticated eye to see what his loving mother and grandmother see:

Picasso? Rembrandt? WhatEVER. My kid drew a HORSE and it is a lovely horse and I am going to show the picture of the horse to EVERYONE

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