Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Mandate Fun!

This post will talk about religion, sex and politics. If you are not interested in either of those, pop over to my Blog Roll and visit one of my friends! Interested? Keep reading!

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The current health care thingy in Washington has alot of people stirred up. People like, I dunno, the Bishops. Archbishops. Cardinals- and no, I don't mean the birds or the sports team. I think the Pope might be annoyed too, to say nothing of us normal Catholic folk.
Or abnormal, if you think about it. You see, like many Catholics, I didn't always understand why the Church says, "No birth control!" I didn't get it. Then I read about it, studied the theology behind it, thought more about it and- BINGO- I got it. I understand. I believe it is correct. Like it? Not always. But it makes sense, spiritually and physically.

Yeah, sometimes I want to take my thermy, charts, mucus observations and phase whatever and shove it . . . ahem. But just as I expect my kids to obey some rules we have that they might not like or understand, I obey.
Ah, but, yes, I am a feminist. I do think women should have equal rights in the workplace. I think women should be allowed to work outside the home. Burn your bra, if you want. I want my daughter to have choices too.

But, most of all, I want my daughter to respect herself. I want her to know why it is important to wait until she's married to have sex. Not just because of religious reasons, but because sex begets babies and, frankly, I want her to be able to support children. I want her to be old enough and mature enough to handle the responsibilty. Children may not cost the millions of dollars that people are fond of quoting but they do cost money and time. Sometimes, alot of money! She needs to be ready for that.
Plus, she is m ore valuable than anything. Her body is a most special gift and it should be saved for one person. I hope she respects herself not to throw herself around at alot of guys.

And the same goes for my sons, too!

When I have a question about faith, I turn to my priest, the Catechism or learned friends. I guess I should be turning to Washington instead?


I've never posted my NFP/NaPro story. I need to do that soon, since NFP Awarness Week is coming up. Let's just say that if we hadn't chosen to use NFP, our lives would be very, very different. I don't even know if they would be better. I honestly think they would be worse. It is cliche to say that NFP gave me my children and, honestly, that isn't even the whole story. But, yes, in part, it DID give me my children. It also gave me my health and my life. Children or no, I am here and typing this today because I used NFP, because I knew who to interperate the signs of trouble in my body and because I have a skilled NFP only dr who treated me as a whole person. For all that, I owe the Church's teaching on artifical birth control.
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  1. How did you find your NFP friendly Dr?

  2. I actually heard about him via a friend on a forum. You can go to to find NFP Friendly drs in your area.