Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Word Edition

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Last week, PuddinPie's SLP said that he needs to work on the word "no." I jokingly asked if we could teach him "Anything you say, Mommy!" She was not amused. She's great but has no sense of humor! Of course, he picked up NO right away. It's darling to hear him say something! His actual voice, the one he uses when he says words, is different than his "apraxic voice," the one he uses when he jargons.

Speaking of words, he's trying to tell us more stories. He's not just jargoning on anymore; he stops the jargon to clearly indicate a new word. (Think of how a baby says "babababa" and then one day says "Ba! Ba! Ba!") He even is picking up words on his own. Earlier this week, he said, "KEY!" multiple times.

PuddinPie isn't the only one speaking. Cole said, "dench die!" (French fry) He also came out with "more" and "ri dere mama" (right there Mama). I think I heard "Water."

Both little boys are into the PBS show "Dinosaur Train." I swaer I only let them watch it as much as I do because Georgie sings "riiiii! riiii! riiii!" for the line, "Riiiiide riiiiide riiiiide the Dinosaur Train!" and Cole "roars" with the dinosaur at the end. I am not amused, however, that the giant dinosaur is named Laura. Adam, however, is.

This week, Joseph had a big project to do. He had to make a covered wagon and then type up the "how to" steps to making it. The kid did the whole thing himself, with very little input from Adam or I. He even managed his time wisely and there was no rushing around at the end. I am so, so proud of him!
(On a side note, what is it with parents doing projects for kids? Seriously- I get helping them but these parents literally DID the project for their kids. Ergh.)

Camille is currently into watching "She-Ra" on Netflix. Every afternoon is like a blast from my past around here. I know I had a She-Ra doll and horse; I wonder if my Mom still has them?

I recently came across this article, "Living in the Shaky Place" a
bout a NICU stay and PTSD. This article perfectly sums up what I went through. Aside from the details surrounding the birth and NICU stay (and the "blackouts") this article could be about me. It's scary to think of the place I was in and makes me so happy to be in the place I am now.


  1. I'd heard someone else mention PTSD associated with NICU. I could definitely see how that could happen!

    & congrats on all the new words in your home!

    1. Yeah, it's is def. something to be aware of if you have a baby in the NICU. I think it is more common amoung parents whose children have a super long stay or people like us, whose stay was unexpected.

      And thanks!

  2. I can't stand all the parent done projects. It drives me crazy. The teachers know but I think it makes the kids feel bad. We are totally kid projects here. There is a project in 2nd grade to do a 3d model of something relating to Chinese. our neighbor and her dad (who is a building contractor) showed up with a huge 3d model of the great wall. This thing was amazing but in no way did she have much to do with it at all! It drives me crazy!!!

    1. At one child's preschool (PRESCHOOL!!!!) they had to decorate a paper fish for the first day. Cool, no problem. Of course, some kids were more artistic than others and there were varying levels of ability but some fish... well, if at three the kids are that artistically gifted, they need to be at a fancy art school and have an agent. And who has time to do their kids projects??? I don't and I don't even have a LIFE!