Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Princess Camille Edition

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1. Six years ago today, we welcomed our first and only daughter, Camille Julia, into the world. Her birth was an hour longer than her brother's, but still fast. She was born four hours after her due date and to this day, still dawdles and makes us juuuust so late! We joke about it but it's totally Camille. And, yes, as annoying as it is, I love her for it and wouldn't change it at all!

2. Camille inhaled mec on the way out and had to spend several hours in the NICU. She was never admitted and her breathing was fine after a few hours. She was only in there as long as she was because she was caught up in the shift change. Still, it was an emotional few hours and I didn't like leaving my baby. I knew one of the NICU nurses from my college days; she was also at Joseph's birth. I asked Adam to request Suzie as her nurse, if at all possible. He did and she was working that shift. My blood pressure had been up but as soon as he came back and told me Suzie was Cami's nurse, my BP went down.

Well, last week we walked over to a local shop that sells local, handmade items. Who was working that shop! Our old nurse! She is now a SAHM who runs an Etsy shop and works part time in that store. My kids have always heard about how one of Mommy's friends gave them their first baths and took care of them in the hospital. I was so thrilled Cami got to meet her in person. The people that took care of my babies when I couldn't hold a special place in my heart and are forever in their birth stories.

3. My only princess and I share some of the same traits. Some of them are less than desirable and I can hear my mother snickering in my head saying, "PAYBACK!" Yes, she is a strong willed little girl who will move mountains. I'm sure this will cause her parents much worry and angst but I also know she will be able to take care of herself in this world.

This past week, though, we discovered Cami and I have something else in common- glasses. My little girl is the first one of my children to need glasses. She's still not sure about the whole deal but we celebrated with ice cream. They should be in soon and I love how she looks in them. So grown up!

4. For her birthday, Camille requested "girl legos." I don't watch the news nor do we get the paper, so I had no ideas these are, apparently, a highly controversial purchase. I guess I am participating in the genderization of toys? Anyway, whatever. They are super cute and I love them! She is a girly-girl and not interested in building a fires truck or star ship. And you know what? That's okay. That's who she is and I refuse to force her to be someone else in the interest of being more "alternative."

Yes, yes she was.
5. My mother is putting together pictures for a family reunion and wants one of everyone at a year old. I think it is a great idea. Cami had her one year photo taken in the same dress I wore at one year. She looks super cute but I have a feeling people are going to say, "Wow, Cami, you were REALLY BALD!"
6. Tomorrow, several of Camille's friends will get together and decorate purses and eat rainbow cake. It's seems like this is her first big girl party and she is so excited. I'm excited for her! She's really blooming into her own person this year.

7. On the NCR, Simcha writes about how we need to remind our children of our love when they are beyond the cute "nibble on the baby cheeks" stage. We need to say, "You are loved, you are special, you are wanted." So to my birthday princess, I say, "You are loved, you are special, you are wanted. You are important, you are a gift, you are just what this family needs. I will always love you and I am so happy God chose us to be your parents."

Happy birthday to my pretty pink princess. May every year be more magical than the last!

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