Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Takes Friday: Linky Love

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Let's start on a serious note, shall we? Check out "The Five Damaging Myths of Post-Partum Depression." I've had people address some of these myths with me and the article really clears up what women will and will NOT do. Please remember, if you feel like you (or you spouse; PPD can happen to fathers, same sex partners and adoptive parents) are suffering from PPD, please seek help from a qualified medical professional. Make sure you recieve follow up care. There is NO harm in taking medication. You deserve to be healthy and your family deserves a healthy you.

Now that we've had that downer, check out I'm Remembering. If you spent any time growing up in the 1980's or 1990's, you will get a kick out of this site. Pound Puppies! Ghostbusters! Non-hoochy My Little Ponies!

Once I was asked by my MOPS group what I left like the most important invention of my lifetime is. I answered that it is surfactant therapy, because it saved my son's life. I have often wanted to thank the person who started that therapy.
I found out last week that it was Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, and she passed away in December. It's silly, but I cried when I heard it. Her interest in human lungs and infants led to surfactant therapy, which saved Georgie. She gave me my son and his life. I am forever thankful. May she rest in peace.

I was moved by the article "The Transformative Power of an Observed Love." I am so impressed by Msgr Pope's honestly about how he was a bully. A man who became a priest was a bully! That fact alone reminded me to never give up on a child, no matter how negative their behavior. Anyone can be saved by love, or observing it, even through a small, simple act of witnessing a hug.

All life is valuable if it causes some to love and do good. My on-line friend is honoring the short life of her son, who was still born four years ago this week. Although her son only lived on earth inside of her, his life is wonderful and valuable because he brought people together. Many, many people prayed for him and his family four years ago; many still do today. Even something as small and simple as that is meaningful.

This week I am trying this No Knead Oat Bread from my friend Joni Rae! It looks so, so yummy. I think my sous chef and myself need to get cracking!

I know this isn't a link but I leave you with this:

Do you think the dog is comfortable?

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