Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Caution: Parental Bragging Inside

Joseph: Joseph recieved his First Reconcilliation this weekend! He was so nervous before hand and high as a frickkin kite because all he had were some donut holes and juice for breakfast. Thankfully, he got a preist he knew well which made him calmer.  Adam and I had a good (quiet) laughed because two children were in and done (with another priest- we had ten totall to hear the children's confessions) before Joseph came out. We wonder if he had an itemized list!

Joseph wanted Mexican for lunch so we went to a new resturant. We headed out for a late lunch, thinking it would be fairly empty and it was. George did really well, though he hid under the table a few times. Normally, I would have pulled him out and scolded him but he "gets away" with more due to the SPD.

My parents were in town and treated the kids to candy at a local candy shop after dinner. Joseph also recieved a children's Bible and a book for his FR and then all the kids got a new computer as an early Christmas present. I've spent some time adding educational bookmarks to it and fixing the backgrounds. Adam is enjoying the parental contols!

Camille: The poor girl was sick almost the entire time my mom was here. She was calm, chill and compliant which had us worried she was on death's door! ;) She was out of it all weekend with a slight fever and cough- just enough to keep her couch-ridden. Monday and Tuesday she was fine, but coughing. The kids all had chiro appointments and ours did come work on her to help open up her lungs and clear out her head. They have another woman on staff who does accupressure and said that it all seemed to be in her head. Translation: she has a simple head cold that will get better with time but remember the probiotics and Vit D for everyone. No problems.

She has her first field trip with her Daisy Scouts tomorrow and they are going ice skating! She's ready to rock and roll and is so excited.

George- was gifted with pink eye from his younger brother and missed a day of school last week. We had to cancel speech too but we made it up later in the week. He's working on bee, boo, bow and /T/ sounds. He can do them all but "bow". He even consistantly pointed to the letter T on a sign. I have it on video to prove it! We were all so excited.

He's definatly talking more. We heard "my turn!" at the chiropracter and "eat" for cookies. He said "peep peep" for my mother. He calls myself AND his grandmothers "mom" but uses a different tone for each of us. I have not heard him reference his paternal grandfather but his dad and my dad are "dada" but, again, with a different tone. We went to the train station to look at the holiday model trains and he kept saying "dada woowoo." ("Nono likes trains" or "Nono has trains.") It was empty and he did perfectly; it wasn't crowded enough to overwhelm him.

Cole- BabyBear can work the iPad and my phone like no other. He actually tries to play Angry Birds and I think he's won a few games When we went to Wally World, he grabbed ahold of a small Bird I was buying for the three older kids. I had to go back to get HIM one! He enjoyed just hanging out with me and my mom in the mornings. His language is really picking up and he raises his  hand when he wants something (copying George who raises his hand and says, "ME!" when he wants something), says "dider" (sister), all done, eat, numnum, uh-uh, uh-huh, maw, dada and attempts most animals noises.

His BIG news is that he is in a big boy bed! We were playing in his room and he kept climbing into George's bed, pulling up the covers and nodding. When I tried to put him in his bed, he got mad at me and tried to climb out. Adam took the side rail off and he's now happy as a clam. Sadly, he doesn't sleep any better (and night weaning isn't going well) but he loves his new toddler bed!

As for Adam and I, we are hanging in there. We are DONE with Christmas shopping. Cole was the hardest to shop for because anything he would "Grow into" would be taken by George, who would be the perfect age for it. He's getting a ride on toy later but it's silly to get him one in the winter, because he can't use it. I ended up having the time to mak several gifts. I got Adam the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray, and the first season of the Muppet Show. Joseph is getting a lego table, Nerf and several building items. Camille asked for Kainai. Georgie is getting several horse items (horse trailer) and Cole is getting the Thomas early engineer sets we don't have. The best part is that I got nearly everything on sale!

It's turning out to be a great holiday season!

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