Friday, December 9, 2011

100 days of real food?

I've been looking around the 100 Days of Real Food and thinking about giving it a go. It's not THAT different from how we normally eat. We generally avoid trans fats, HFCS, artifical whatits and I bake alot of our baked goods. The real kicker would be NO white flour, grains (like white rice), and sugar. I'm not sure what Joseph would say to NO ramen in his lunch and Camille would not like having NO shells and cheese from a box. (Yes, it comes from Trader Joe's and yes it is still highly processed.)

But I think it would be neat to do from the standpoint of someone who likes her food healthy but fast and cheap. So many of the food blogs out there are by people who were professional chefs or are foodies in general, have some kind of allergy, homeschool, homestead, seem to have large food budgets and the timee/access/ability to go to tons of different food stores. What about someone who lives a typical active lifestyle in the subburbs, does not want to drag her kids to multiple speciality food stores, has no food restrictions and a reasonable weekly budget?

I needed to clean my cupboards anyway so I did and took stock of what we have. Right now, we have lots of baking goods like chocolate chips and white flour since I am baking for Christmas. I have very few canned goods, which is good since apparently BPA is now in all canned items. (Yay.) I think breakfast will be the hardest because the kids eat breakfast cereal several times a week. They also like Sonic happy hour (as do I) but they did well with not eating out during Lent so they should do well with this.

I know from looking at the rules that they are reasonable but we will tweek them. I won't require the children stick to the rules at parties or friend's houses. Holidays and feast days would also be "free" days (and I'm talking normal holidays, like Easter, not "It's a Monday! Sugar for all!"). I think we might eat out as a family once a week.

I need to float this by Adam (I'll let you know how that goes!) and hopfully we'll start after the new year.

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