Friday, May 20, 2011

Where did the week go?

We had a busy week. Saturday was our garage sale and it was a bust. After all that work, only five people showed up. The weather was horrible: cold and windy. Mom and Dad came over to help and we kept the kids out of the way. Adam and dog sat outside and sold stuff- we made some money but he said I made more selling some diapers to my AP group and some other things on-line than he did! We blew all the money we made on our belated anniversary dinner at Jack Stack.

Mom stayed on to help me with the kids one of the nights Adam was gone. She was able to attend Camille's preschool graduation and picnic.

Georgie thought it was pretty cool to be outside and run around with the big kids. I had packed sandwhiches for all of us, but he had lunch meat and avacado rolled up- more on his diet later.

Mom was able to see Joseph's baseball practice, at an old-school field in the middle of the woods, right near a train track. Georgie was in hog heaven to see baseball and trains, all in one go! Joseph's getting pretty good. I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad that my children like sports a nd are physically active. I could care less about anything other than swimming but I hope they are involved in one sport; I think Cami would like soccer and softball. (And not just because I think the pink cleats and bats and balls are adorable!)

Yesterday we had Joseph's end of the year picnic at school. It was a rainey and dreary day and I thought they wouldl cancel it- nope! We were in the cafe instead. I was a bit stressed, juggling all the kids alone since Mom had left. I'm sure we made a wonderful impression on the new principal- four grubby kids, one toddler gumming a cookie, another clutching a can of Sprite like a lovey and the soon to be kindy kid who didn't listen!

(Georgie has a thing for cans of drinks- soda or beer. He'll bring you a straw and want to share your drink. He has a down right FIT if Adam is drinking Diet Coke or a beer and won't share. Georgie gets soda as a treat but not diet and def. not beer!)

After bringing a meal to a friend with a baby in the NICU, I attempted to get all four kids to bed alone. I think Joseph and Camille were in bed and sleep by 9. Cole was down at 8:30, up at 9, and up again at 9:30. I finally nursed him to sleep and then attemped to get George asleep. I put pillows against the headboard of the bed and had the three of us sleep the "short way" on the bed for some more room. I last saw the clock at ten, so I was alseep by then- not sure when Georgie went to bed but it was around then. Adam woke me up when he got in and moved the kids. Of course, Cole woke up AGAIN to nurse but slept until 4:30, when Georgie crying "DADA!" woke us up.

Someday, I'll sleep, right?

Good thing they are cute!

I'm looking forward to the weekend... Gymboree and baseball games but otherwise relaxing.

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