Friday, May 20, 2011

Speak Georgie!

About a month or so ago, I was really feeling pretty discouraged about Georgie's speech progress. He seemed to be regressing and not making any progress. A friend pointed out that all kids go through a "regression" right before a huge leap in something (like cognitive skills, physical movement or whatever) and it is very noticeable in children with speech issues.

Right after she pointed it out Georgie, in hindsight, went through a huge growth in cognitive skills. His receptive language took off. He's begun showing an interest in the potty and actually wore underwear a few times and sat on the little potty. He took off his clothes (hummm, not a skill I look forward too!) and is riding his scooter well- better than his older brother did at three!

Tuesday he had a speech session and was fab-ta-bu-lous! He interacted with the SLP and said:

digger (his new obession. We had hail recently and so alot of people are getting things like rooves fixes- hence, lots of cool construction equipment in the area)
yuck (truck)
I did it

and pointed out:
eyes in the "gogglie eye" book
eyes on his teacher
various trucks in a book.

He was worn out by the end of the session and took a long nap! When he woke up, we went to get Joseph from school and he pointed out the digger in the street and was very excited about it. He wouldn't go near it, though. We did hear "itdigger!" from him. Later that night, Mom took him to Cami's TKD class with her and he said "more please" for more gummi snacks. Of course, she gave him more! Yay!

Today he came in from playing outside and grunted, pointing to his bare and wet feet. I said, "Oh, are they wet?" and he said "yeah."

Now, would most people understand him? Nope. I doubt many people could understand what he is saying without context clues, facial expressions or knowing Georgie well. But it's huge progress! Considering in January he was just beginning to make eye contact with people and jargon? HUGE!

In other speech news, Cole says "muh" which is "more." He says it all.the.time. He'll babble "muhmuhmuh" whenever we feed him, even if he has tons of food on his plate. At 13 months he can't/won't drink from a sippy cups and slobbers all over when I give him an open cup. I bought some soft straw cups at the Disney store and I hope those help. He likes to drink and I like to not have to hold a cup for him!

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