Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Takes Friday: Mother's Day Edition

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I won't miss having to clean up the flood in the bathroom after giving the toddlers a bath but I will miss the smell of a freshly bathed baby

I won't miss "poop days" where both kids poop in every single diaper but I will miss the feel of a smooth, giant cloth diapered boo-tay.

I won't miss having to plan my days around naps but I will miss the naps!

I really, really, really won't miss the cheerio, graham cracker and toast crumbs on the floor but I will miss snacking with my babes.
I won't miss having to wrestle my camera from my kids but,  boy, will I miss the self portraits!
I won't miss the giant, leaking boobs, the boring nursing bras or the sore nipples... but I will miss breastfeeding. I packed up all my bottles and pumping supplies for the garage sale and didn't feel sad. I worked hard to nurse Cole and I'm glad I did!
I won't miss the insane hours between 4 and 6 pm, the crazy mornings with someone crying outside the bathroom door as I shower, stepping on Lego or peek a blocks, sliding on Matchbox cars or fishing a Barbie shoe out of my tushie. I won't miss playing "guess the brown substance" on my pants/the carpet/my kid's finger. But I know I will miss having these munchkins underfoot.

Happy Mother's Day!

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