Saturday, May 7, 2011

And I thought April was busy!

Come April 1, Adam and I normally have to brace the house and hold on tight for the storm that is about to hit. Two birthdays and our anniversary, plus Easter, leave us in sugar shock and gasping for air. This month, we literally had one event a week.

Sadly, May doesn't look much calmer!

My mom was/is going to come visit to help me out. I e-mailed her our May calendar of events and we have something going on multiple times a week. If it isn't Gymboree (for Georgie- starts today), it's baseball, TKD or end of the school year activities. Camille has a school picnic, and Joseph has one a few days later. CCD and baseball overlap but, thankfully, that ends today.

To top it off, I have NO clothes. Okay, I'm exagerating but my body shape has changed and none of the clothes I did have look flattering on me anymore. I can fit into some of my smaller capris but the cut around my waist doesn't work. I bought some tunics and leggings at Target and I really like them. Adam was laughing at me but when I walked into a MNO, two other friends were wearing the same style!

Camille, however, thinks that I need to wear "pajama jeans." She says they will give me a "tight tushie" and then slapped my butt. I have NO IDEA where that came from and I think she is talking about "jeggings" those jean leggings! Cami, sweet pea, what are you learning at preschool?

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