Monday, April 18, 2011

True Mom Confessions

Friday, I took Cole upstairs to nurse to sleep while I surfed the internet. Camille was watching TV and I thjought Georgie was with her.

Just as Cole was falling asleep, Georgie came up to me, distressed. He had something all over his fingers and I thought it was peanut  butter, as his lastest trick is to eat PB from the jar with his fingers. I leaned in to lick it off...

... and in a split moment, I realized with WAS NOT PEANUT BUTTER and he was BUTT NAKED.

I dashed off to throw Cole in his crib and wipe up Georgie. He was upset because he was dirty and I was upset because HE STRIPPED NAKED and I had NO IDEA where his POOPY diaper was!

After putting Georgie in the tub, I sent Camille on a mission to find the diaper. The chica can find poop. She located said diaper in the laundry room in front of the washer. I found the clean clothes in the hamper.

Well, at least he knows where they go, right?

After calming down, I told Georgie he needs to keep his diaper on. He shook his head no. I said, "Well, if you don't want to wear a diaper, you need to do pee pees in the potty." He shook his head no.

Later that weekend, he stripped off his PJs. I also found him trying to take off his shirt to put on one of Camille's dresses. Does this mean my tot is a cross dressing stri p perr?


  1. Laura, a lot of toddlers try on their older sibling's clothes. Especially boys with girls. Also, my friend had a terrible time with her two-year-old stripping her pj's and diaper off and she found some pj's that zipped or buttoned in the back. (Once that was solved, said two-year-old started stripping the infant naked. Hee hee.) You might try that to keep Georgie from stripping down at night. As for the "peanut butter", I'm sooo glad you didn't lick it off! Yuck!

  2. Naw, I'm not really worried about the stripping and trying on dresses. He already has sparkle nail polish anyway!