Monday, April 18, 2011

Seven years old!

When did my little five pound baby get so big? Joseph turned SEVEN on the 13th. He's getting so big and tall. I can't really look down at him now because he is almost eye to eye with me. And I think the kid could take me out. Thanks to TKD, he has some muscles!

Sadly, there are few pictures of the big birthday bash with six of his friends. The boys from his adventure guides spent the night and I took Camille and Cole out of the house. We went to the mall and did a little shopping. The weather was "meh" so the boys were mostly inside, giggling and being silly. There were alot of Nerf Darts thrown, from what I hear. :)

The sleepover was a smashing success. All the boys know each other well so we didn't really have any friend problems. They did all go to sleep at midnight, which means Adam and I went to bed at midnight! We spent the rest of the weekend recovering. Apparently, we are indeed old!

The big gift seems to be guns, in all shapes and sizes- nerf and water guns. Heh. Should be an interesting summer. We got him a couple books and tickets to a Royals game.

Yes, books! Remember the people who said that he wouldn't be a good reader if he was not reading by kindy. HA.HA.HA. He's awesome! He reads so well and reads to himself, in bed! He's become very fluent when he reads outloud. So proud!

our pine wood derby champ!

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