Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cake fun

We had Cole's first birthday party this weekend. He LOVES blocks and thinks it is the funniest this evah when we stack blocks and he knocks them down. We had to make a block cake, of course!

I made the cake, using Hershey's chocolate cake recipe. I subbed almond milk for the milk and it came out just fine; maybe a little too moist but there are worse problems to have, right? I wasn't brave enough to make the buttercream frosting dairy free but the fondat was!

Yup, I made fondant! It was fun! I used the Marshmellow Fondant recipe on Allrecipes.com and it was yummy. It was so easy to make. I made one batch in the Molly the Mixer (Kitchen-Aide) using marshmellow fluff and one by hand using mini marshmellows. I dyed one batch blue with the Wilton Cake Dyes- I love them as they make the BEST colors!

One of the blocks in the fridge. I had to keep the blocks and fondant cold between uses.

The finished product:

Not bad for my first time! I added some edging to the "Cole" cake (smash cake). I used cookie cutters for the letters and numbers and blue buttercream frosting for the edging. We have one block left for his real birthday on Thursday- can't wait to have another piece!

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  1. Oh these cakes look amazing, and delicious. Great work! Happy Birthday to Cole! I hope you have a great day!