Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras Gifts

22. A safe trip to and from the doctor's this morning.

23. Surprising Joseph this afternoon for lunch at school.

24. A big boy who doesn't mind his mother kissing him in front of his friends!

25. A big girl who was the poster child for perfect behavior this morning!

26. A baby who is learning how to climb....

27. and the speed and reflexes to move FAST when he gets to those stairs!

28. a toddler who clearly says "Higgins!" when you ask him the dog's name.

29. A dog who doesn't mind when the kids sit on him to read a book.

30. Carmel machiatos (spelling) from Starbucks- a last "hoorah" before our Lenten sacrifice of giving up going out to eat begins. Yummy, yummy! I think my pumpkin spice lattes have competition! It was like liquid, warm ice cream!

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