Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Day blogging challenge catch up

16: Another picture of yourself:

The back of me on my wedding day!

Day 17: Someone you would want to switch places with and why:
Anyone who is thinner than me and gets more sleep!

Day 18: plans/dreams/goals you have:
1. I want to paint the bathrooms, and master bedroom.
2. travel to Disney, and Europe with my family
3. travel Route 66 with the Herd
4. actually finish writing one of my fool novels
5. savour every single moment of the kids childhood

Day 19: nicknames you have.
Well, you really can't make a nickname out of Laura! When I was little, some kids I baby sat called me Laurie but it never stuck. Adam calls me Hon or Honey. When I was pregnant, he called me Preggasaur and then Nurse a saur.

Day 20: someone you love:

and this turkey:

Yes, I couldn't find one of just Adam. Do I love myself? Well, sorta but not like that!

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