Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 23: Something you crave alot


Day 24: Last Five Facebook Updates

1. Snow? On spring break? My fault for mocking the Candian winter!

2. Happy birthday to my wonderful, loving, slightly crazy husband! The Herd and I are happy you are here! And thanks to -MIL's name here- for giving birth to him! You raised a good man. :)

3. Anyone game for playdates this week? Zoo, Wonderscope, Jumpin Jax...

4. after being biten, screamed at, clawed, head butted and deinded sleep for 48 hours, Adam is putting all four of the kids to bed, including two who are yelling at him. I am outside, NOT CARING.

5. Friends on the west coast, in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific- everyone okay? Praying for you!

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